PhD Forum Participants

PresenterTitleType of contribution
Pascal MuamAnalysis of a novel model of a text-to-graph categorization based on natural language processing and deep learning techniquesposter
Silvia Beddar-WiesingStructural-Dynamic Graph Embeddingposter
Thabang LebeseRepresentation Learning for Characterizing Driver Acceleration Behaviorposter
Francesco SpinnatoExplanation Methods for Sequential Data Modelsposter
Silvia Beddar-WiesingWeisfeiler–Lehman goes Dynamic: An Analysis of the Expressive Power of Graph Neural Networks for Attributed and Dynamic Graphsposter
Zhong LiCombining sensor monitoring data and system event logs for predictive maintenance of lithography systemsposter
Joel Mba KouhoueA Comprehensive Analysis on Associative Classification in Building Maintenance Datasetsposter
Firas ZouariService-based approach and intelligent agents for crisis prediction and management: Application to the analysis and management of emerging diseasesposter
Maximilian StubbemannThe Mont Blanc of Twitter: Prominences, Peaks and Line-Parent Hierarchies in Networks and Metric Dataposter
Arnaud BougahamQuality and Performance Optimization through Generative Adversarial Networks based Anomaly Detectionposter
Lynda FerraguigBias mitigation for collaborative and ethical learning on dynamic dataposter
Maaike Van RoyA Markov Framework for Learning and Reasoning About Strategies in Professional Soccerposter
Ousmane DiaoProducing confidence intervals for Generalized Linear Modeldemo
Bastien MassionImpact of orthogonal regularization on double descent in deep learningposter
Magali LegastFairness Definitions and EU Non-Discriminatory Lawposter
Lucile DierckxLearning Rule Lists Using Neural Network Optimizationposter
Xuejia KeAdvances to Influence Score in Bayesian Networks for Social Science Data Analysisposter
Cristiano LandiInterpretable Machine Learning Models and Explainability
Techniques in Mobility Data Analysis
Mathias de Schietere de LophemOptimizing Energy Behavior in Local Energy Communities: An Algorithmic Platform for Efficient Managementposter