Invited speaker: Francesco Bonchi

Fairness in ranking

Bio: Francesco Bonchi is Co-Founder and Research Director at Centai (Center for Artificial Intelligence), a newly established research center in Turin, Italy. He’s also a member of the Board of Directors of Centai and CEO at SOM (Sound of Mind) S.r.l., the holding of researchers owning 51% of Centai. Earlier he was Scientific Director at the ISI Foundation, Turin, Italy, where he was also coordinating the “Learning and Algorithms for Data Analytics” Research Area. Even earlier he was Director of Research at Yahoo Labs in Barcelona, Spain. He is also (part-time) Research Director for Big Data & Data Science at Eurecat (Technological Center of Catalunya), Barcelona. His recent research interests include algorithms and learning on graphs and complex networks (e.g., financial networks, social networks, brain networks), fair and explainable AI, and more in general, privacy and all ethical aspects of data analysis and AI. He has more than 250 publications in these areas. He also filed 16 US patents and got granted 9 US patents.