Invited speaker: Sarah Cohen-Boulakia

Ten years after the reproducibility crisis in bioinformatics: lessons learnt and research opportunities

Bio: Sarah Cohen-Boulakia is a full Professor at Université Paris-Saclay. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a habilitation from the University Paris-Sud. She has been working for twenty years in multi-disciplinary groups involving computer scientists and biologists or physicians of various domains. In the last years, she has animated several working groups on reproducibility of scientific experiments. She has also been strongly involved in the European Research Infrastructure ELIXIR ( and on the FAIR initiative. Dr. Cohen-Boulakia’s research expertise include provenance in scientific workflows systems, reproducibility of scientific experiments, integration, querying and ranking in the context of biological and biomedical databases.

Abstract: Impossibility to redo our own analysis, failing to re-execute an analysis described in a recent paper: we have all experienced computational reproducibility issues. Ten years ago, the bioinformatics community had to face with the “reproducibility crisis” and has been pioneer in the design of solutions to better reproduce and reuse bioinformatics analysis pipelines. In this talk, we will review elements of solutions to design FAIR analysis pipelines and most importantly go on to discuss the challenges posed by this domain and the remaining opportunities of research in computer science.